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Camp meeting time creates memories and the memories draw us back just as surely as the candle flies are drawn to bright lights under the arbor at evening time.

Morrison Campground occupies a special place in my life, and I have written this history as a narrative. History is comprised of people and people are what Morrison Campground is about. For one hundred and thirty-eight years now Morrison Campground has existed, and it continues to bear witness to the love of Jesus Christ in the world.
Two very special people in my life are the people to whom this narrative is dedicated. They are my great-grandmother, Emmie Kerce McClellan, and her childhood schoolmate, Minnie Hulcherson Glenn. As a child I remember sitting and listening to them reminisce, and in my mind I would travel back in time to share their lives with them.

I want to thank the Board of Trustees of Morrison Campground for asking me to put this narrative down, and I want to thank my good friend, Gayla McLean, for helping me make this writing a reality.
Then to the generations of Morrison Campground kids who as of yet are not born, may this narrative serve to show them that their roots lie deep in the history of Georgia, Floyd County and the Christian Church.
May we wrap our memories around us and lie down to pleasant dreams to awaken in a House not made with hands, eternal in the heavens.

~ Gil Watson


What’s so special about Morrison’s Campground?

Maybe you have to be a part of it to really understand. Maybe it’s because we love this place – because so many of our ancestors loved it too. Maybe it’s because we share a common bond to preserve it for our children and our children’s children. Maybe it’s because there are so many happy -memories here

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Pat Conroy
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Mark Twain


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