Morrison Campground

Morrison Campground is a Christian revival church camp that meets for 10 days a year in July for old fashion brush arbor style revivals.  We were established in 1868 when the first brush arbor services were held.  Mr. E.R. Morrison, a scottsman, was converted in a brush arbor service and believed there should be a permanent place for camp meetings.  He donated his farm and the arbor stands in the place where his farm house used to stand.  For over 150 years, generations of families have been gathering under the arbor to provide a spiritual and social need for the people of Floyd County, Georgia.

“Camp meeting is a place where people come not only to renew friendships, but to renew their spiritual bodies. Many of the ‘tenters’ take their vacations during the week of camp meeting in order to attend all of the services. There is something special about worshiping in the great outdoors that draws one closer to God.” -Judye Kerce Williams

Camp meeting is a time when I can gather with my Camp meeting family to reconnect, but most importantly it is a time to renew and re-energize my faith.  Peace and stillness are two words that come to mind.  It’s almost impossible nowadays to find time to “unplug” and sit and contemplate.  To me, it’s important to be able to sit without a TV on or iphone in hand, and instead . . . just listen.  Listen to children playing, to stories told year after year, and hopefully to what God is trying to tell me. – Jordan Knight

Morrison Campground is a place which simply reflects a part of Heaven. This is a place where children run and play from sun up to way past sun down, and cabins sit perfectly in a square. Morrison Campground is a place like no other, where everyone is considered family, all connected through a spirit of togetherness underneath an arbor. The grounds consist of century old trees with giant roots, a creek cold enough to cool one off in a matter of seconds, and cabins inviting long conversations about life, friendships, and our heavenly Father. Stepping foot into this place one can instantly feel a calming presence, and a spirit of fun when it’s children are there. This campground is a reflection of how our God is our lives, bringing a calm, cool breeze through the fun times and memories shared among His children. It is a place like no other, and treasured by all.  – Merritt Williams

Who are we? For 10 days we unite in our love for Christ and family. We lift each other up, pray togther, laugh with each other and leave with a renewed spirit. – Lisa Crowder