Welcome to
Rome Georgia

Campmeeting for 2017 will begin July, 14th - July, 23rd.

This will be the 149th consecutive meeting since 1868.

Future Campmeeting Dates:

July 13-22, 2018 - 150th
July 12-21, 2019 - 151st

If July 4th falls on a weekend, Campmeeting will begin the following Friday.
If July 4th falls on a weekday, Campmeeting will begin a week from the upcoming Friday.

Morrsion Campground
Reprinted from
“When In Rome” by Orlena Mitchell Warner

Morrison Campground memories are quartets sung in harmony, of arbors strewn with fresh-mown hay, of cocks that greet the break of day.

The merry brook, so icy cold, held stores of food for young and old. The bucket held the water stored (We even shared a single gourd!)

The fires of wood in iron stoves,held cakes and pies and fragrant loaves; across the fence the steps were placed, it was here the children raced.

And in the night the whip-poor-will and kady-did in concert filled the air, so cool, with lulling sound, that soon all folks were settled down.

So many sheep lost from the fold, and hearts that beat so hard and cold we’re touched and then were put to shame, and melted in the golden flame.

Morrison Campground memories, you stretch into eternities, years shall never dim your goal, you harvest still the human soul.